The X–helion building is a high security facility. At its perimeter runs a six foot steel fence which also encloses the parking lot. A proximity keycard is required to open the parking gate or the external man gate. The keycard is also required to access all outer and internal traffic doors (doors leading to other parts of the building).

The premises are monitored by video surveillance inside and out and are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The data center itself is only accessible through a security area that requires key card and biometric access.

The building is also protected from the elements in a variety of ways. It was engineered with state–of–the–art lightning protection. The data center itself is built on a seismic slab, which is about 6 inches of reinforced concrete. This high–epoxy concrete is reinforced with three layers of steel mesh and it sits on top of a special tile which is not attached to the building. If there is a seismic event, the room can slide and move around, plus it can act like a surfboard in the case of liquefaction.

We also have an FM200 fire–suppression system which deploys a gas that kills fire by eliminating the heat. It does not affect oxygen so it can be used with people in the room.

Biometric Finger Scanner