How It Works

The process begins in one of two places depending on the weather. In the winter, the cooling starts outside… with the snow and ice. Two large cooling towers sit next to the X–helion building. Water is kept in these big tanks until it is sufficiently cold. It is then pumped into the building and through pipes in the ceiling. The pipes carry the water above the data center and down into InRow RC units that are nestled between two server racks. The cold water is used to make cold air that is blown out of the InRow RCs. The cold air is sucked into the servers by CPU fans and hot air expelled from the opposite side. This hot air is vacuumed up by the reverse side of the InRow RC that then transfers the heat into the departing water. Hot water then travels through pipes back into the ceiling and outside to the frigid air where the entire process is repeated.

In the warmer months when the outside air can no longer cool the water sufficiently, the pumps switch direction and send the water not outside, but into a huge mechanical room where we keep our gigantic chiller. The chiller does the job that Mother Nature does the rest of the year, but requires a little more power to do it. The amazing thing is that utilizing recycled water to defer heat instead of air, we use 30% less power! And that´s only during the months when we can´t chill it for free out of doors.

InRow RC Cooling Unit