Why Choose X–helion?

We can offer high-density cooling which means that you can fit more server units into each cabinet or rack. We can do this because our cooling system is smarter than most. We are able to utilize the natural climate of Utah along with some ingenuity and the basic laws of physics to create a method of cooling that not only cools more effectively, but costs a lot less too.

On top of our cutting edge cooling technology, we also employ security and disaster-prevention protocols that officially rank our facility as a Tier III data center. Our skilled staff has over 20 years of experience and will take good care of you and your critical data.

There’s one more thing we should mention: we’re quite flexible. We’ve been known to use the term ‘boutique’ colocation facility when referring to our ability to work with your individual needs. We don’t believe in micromanaging your operation so we help to establish a system that works for each and every one of our clients. You could say that we like to keep things cool (…yeah, that pun was intended).

Rack Mount Server